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Shrink Bags

What is a shrink bag?

A shrink bag works like a regular vacuum pouch, we must first extract all the air from the bag before sealing it. We then dip the entire packaging in warm water to shrink it onto the product while also reducing excess plastic.

*The ideal water temperature for shrinking the bags is (85 °C to 90 °C). Dip for five seconds maximum.

The advantages of using shrink bags

Makes an attractive packaging which molds the product. Primarily used on products with irregular shapes like meat, poultry, chees etc. Even slightly punctured, the bag continues to mold and protect the product.

By reducing contact with air, we stop oxidation and the growth of bacteria or mold. Reduces loss of humidity and eliminates freezer burn completely. Certain types are specially made to protect against ultraviolet rays which are often responsible for the change in pigmentation of food products. By conserving all of the product’s humidity, we maintain its full weight, as well as its full monetary value.

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